The Red Tent 

A Womb Activation Experience
September 21st-24th, 2020
Redwood Forest 
Trinidad, CA.

~ Exploring The Red Of Your Root ~

Who is this immersion for?

Opening this circle for women who desire to fully experience the depth of their primordial pulse, creation source, and all things
W O M B A N .

Return to root, steady, soften, breathe and receive the activation available within the lush inner landscape of your being, and the rich Redwood home that will cradle you there.

This is n o t a beginners immersion, this is a deepening.

We are h e r e conjuring a safe space to collectively cultivate and deepen your already steady practices of self mastery into the full initiation of the magic that is your W O M B .

Whispers from the deep belly of She into the hearts of the Medicine women, mystics, earth guardians, bringers of truth, pleasure seekers, and masterful weavers of both shadow and light.

We already know where the truth is...
now, we have the gift to deeply listen.

Here, we invite you to your edge,
we invite you to give yourself permission to be expansive and share from this seed of bold creation with sisters who are ready to meet and magnify you.

Return to a safe place for pleasure, ritual, rage, gathering, nourishing, anointing, bleeding, juicing, singing, dancing, forest frolicking, and be-ing.

If this is your call, may you- She - fully arrive to hold pulse right there in the center of the center, where it’s all born from...

T H I S is where we gather.